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What does a bookkeeper do?

Mar 11, 2020

If there’s one question we get asked regularly, it’s this: what exactly does a bookkeeper do? It’s not that bookkeeping is a mysterious art shrouded in secrecy; rather, most people aren’t sure where bookkeeping ends and accounting begins. If you’ve ever wondered what a bookkeeper does, we hope to shed a little light for you. A day in the life of a bookkeeper As the name suggests, a bookkeeper is a person who keeps a business’s books. This means the…

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We’re taking some time out to plan a better business. Should you?

Now that January is out of the way – tax return season is very busy for accountants! – we find ourselves enjoying a bit of breathing space. We intend to use this time wisely. That’s why, this February, the Jupp Castle team is taking some brief time out of the office to scope the future of our business. Have you considered doing the same for your business? Going back to basicsEvery small business owner should grab the opportunity to step…

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Doing your own business finances? Think again

Jan 13, 2020

As a business owner, you’re probably used to juggling lots of different roles at once: salesperson, customer service pro, technical expert, admin whizz, planner and leader (and that’s just for starters). Perhaps, like many business owners, you’re also doing your own accounting. But is handling your bookkeeping, tax returns and so on really the best use of your time? Knowing your limitsA good business owner understands what they’re good at and where they could use extra support. Here at Jupp…

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