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Think you can’t afford a business adviser? You may already have one

In our previous article, we were exploring the similarities between an accountant and a business adviser. Because, as we put it, a good accountant will take care of the ‘numbers stuff’ for you, but a great accountant can do so much more on top. Could your accountant be the business adviser you need?While it’s true that accountants love numbers (numbers are our bread and butter, after all), we’re also here to serve the people behind the numbers. Business owners like…

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The striking similarities between an accountant and a business adviser

An accountant and business adviser walk into a pub and order one pint. Why only one pint? Because they’re the same person! Okay, maybe we won’t be winning any awards at the Edinburgh Festival, but we make a good point: today’s accountants do a lot more than just accounting. They’re basically business advisers. Are you underusing your accountant and missing out on valuable business advice? Read on to find out. Where accounting crosses into business adviceAs we like to explain…

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Why are Budgets important for me and my business?

The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, delivered the Spring Budget on 6 March 2024 and the Government will later introduce the Finance Bill to implement it. The presentation of the annual Budget and the Finance Bill would usually happen in the Autumn, however over the past few years, there have been economic and fiscal statements outside the regular Budget timetable. Given the current frequency, business owners might be tempted to dismiss it as, ‘just another budget’. However, overlooking the significance of this…

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The Spring Budget 2024: What you need to know

The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, last week delivered his 2024 Spring Budget in the House of Commons, possibly the last before a possible general election this year. We invited clients and guests from the local business community to a breakfast event to share a round-up of key points. Jeremy Hunt had hinted at tax cuts but has recently back tracked due to pressure from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR). But the rumour is that he would still want to give…

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Is now a good time to start a new business? (The answer might surprise you)

Between 2022 and 2023, 46,000 new businesses were created in the UK. Considering that SMEs account for 99.9% of all UK businesses, it’s safe to assume that most of those new businesses were SMEs.[i] In other words, despite the current climate, entrepreneurs are still feeling … entrepreneurial. Whether you’re thinking of starting your first business, or are a seasoned business owner contemplating a new business idea, let’s explore whether now is a good time to embark on a new business…

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