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5 reasons to spend more time with your accountant

Aug 12, 2021

Too many business owners aren’t spending enough time with their accountant. And too many accountants aren’t checking in with their clients as regularly as they should. The annual phone call or meeting simply isn’t enough. Ideally, you’d be talking to your accountant once a month, or at least quarterly. Here are five reasons to put your accountant on speed dial. You want to make sure they’re the right fit for youIf you only speak to your accountant once a year,…

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How often should you talk to your accountant?

The short answer is: probably more than you’re currently talking to them! Many business owners may only hear from their accountant once a year, perhaps when it’s time to do the tax return or end of year accounts. But a good accountant should be in touch regularly … and not just about the financial stuff. Why is regular contact so important?An accountant should feel like a trusted business partner – someone you can turn to for guidance and support. But…

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Thinking of switching payroll providers? Here’s what you need to know

Jul 19, 2021

In our previous article, we looked at the possible change to the tax year end date – something that the Office of Tax Simplification is considering – and how this would impact payroll. Looking at the possible impacts, it’s clear payroll is a finely tuned, complex machine that people are wary of tinkering with. Which is why many businesses are reluctant to switch payroll provider – even if they’re really unhappy with their current provider. But efficient payroll is a…

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Changes to the tax year end date. How would this impact your payroll?

The end of the UK tax year – 5th April – has been the same for centuries. But last month the government announced that the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) was exploring moving the date to either 31st March or 31st December. Ireland successfully made the switch from 5th April to 31st December almost 20 years ago, so such a move isn’t unprecedented. But it would be a big deal for businesses – particularly in terms of payroll. Obviously, the…

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How to go self-employed: 3 legal, financial and planning steps to take

Jun 28, 2021

Fancy working for yourself? You’re not alone. With more than 4.3 million self-employed people in the UK, being a sole trader is a perennially popular choice for everyone from specialist contractors to freelancers to gig economy workers. In fact, self-employed people make up more than 14% of the entire UK workforce. If you’re going self-employed, here are three steps to get you off to a flying start. Tell HMRCFirst up, you need to register with HMRC as a sole trader,…

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