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4 ways working with an accountant saves you money

Jun 11, 2020

Last time we wrote, we discussed how accountants aren’t as expensive as people think. Of course, there’s an unavoidable cost to using an accountant – we have to put food on the table, like everyone else! But any good accountant will save you more money than they cost you. Here are four ways accountants effectively pay for themselves. Identifying how to cut costs and improve your financesOne thing we find when people do their own business accounts is they often…

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Using an accountant doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 3 reasons why

If you’ve been doing your own business accounts to save money, now might seem a strange time to reconsider – during a period when many businesses are looking to tighten their belts. But working with an accountant doesn’t have to cost the earth. And, as we’ll see in this article, it could help your business grow stronger at this difficult time. Not all accountants charge on an hourly basisSome do, obviously, but many accountants happily work on a fixed-fee arrangement.…

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Only big businesses need accountants – and other myths busted by coronavirus

May 13, 2020

Accounting is a profession that attracts more than a few myths and stereotypes. But is that about to change? Let’s look at three of the most common myths about accountants, and explore how the coronavirus crisis is helping to explode these myths. Myth #1: Small businesses don’t need accountantsSome small business owners think there’s little value in having an accountant. Their business finances are straightforward, or the business is in its early days, so they prefer to save money by…

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How a good accountant should go ‘above and beyond’ … especially now

There’s a general assumption that accountants are all about numbers, not people. But as any good accountant will tell you, people – not numbers – are our bread and butter. In this article, we look at how accountants are helping people through the coronavirus crisis, and going above and beyond the numbers stuff. Giving proactive business adviceAccountants have a reputation for being reactive – as in, you give us your figures or tell us what you need and we’ll take…

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Practical tools to help business owners through financial uncertainty

Apr 09, 2020

In our previous article, we highlighted our COVID-19 business resource page, a hub of information on the various government financial schemes available to businesses in light of the coronavirus outbreak. If you haven’t yet checked it out, we encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of free advice that’s available on the site. That’s not all you’ll find… Templates and tools to steer your business through uncertaintyObviously, good information is vital in uncertain times. But when a situation is…

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