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It’s self assessment time! Here are 3 ways to help your accountant help you this month

Here we are again: self assessment season. If you’ve got an accountant, they’ll take care of your tax return, which is great. But they may need some input from you. Follow these three steps and not only will you reduce the chances of errors or delays on your tax return – you’ll be your accountant’s number-one client!

  1. Make sure your accountant has everything they need
    These days, most accountants encourage their clients to use accounting software such as Xero because it allows them to stay on top of the figures all year round. In which case, your accountant may already have everything they need to complete your tax return. But if they have asked you for info, do be sure to give them everything they’ve asked for. (If you can’t find certain documents, talk it through with your accountant. Together, you can work out a solution.)

Pro tip: If your accountant hasn’t discussed software with you, and you’re still keeping records across multiple spreadsheets, it might be time to switch to a more proactive accountant.

  1. Don’t leave it ‘til the last minute
    The self assessment deadline is 31st January, but if your accountant has asked you for info, do send it over as early as you can. It’s not unheard of for clients to struggle to find documents, or even for the HMRC website to experience problems, so leaving everything until the last minute is a risky strategy – and it won’t do you any favours with your accountant.

Pro tip: Chat to your accountant about submitting your next tax return early. There’s no reason why it has to be done in January (other than the fact that most people prefer to put it off). In fact, getting your tax return in sooner can make financial planning easier.

  1. Hold back on the non-urgent stuff
    January is the busiest month in any accountant’s year, so be patient if it takes them a little longer than usual to respond. And if you can, hold fire on non-urgent requests for the next few weeks. Getting tax returns in on time is your accountant’s top priority this month. Other matters, like financial forecasting, strategic planning and so on are important, but not urgent.

Pro tip: Got something you’d like to discuss with your accountant? Book in a chat for early February.

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