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4 technology tools that save our clients time and money

In our previous article, we looked at the role technology plays in forward-thinking accounting practices. Many of you wanted to hear more about the specific tools we mentioned – and, most importantly, how each tool helps us help you run a better business.

Here are four of our favourite and most-used technology tools. Not only do these tools save time and money – they free up our team to focus on activities that really add value for our clients. Things like profit improvement, exit planning and business growth.

Xero is one of the fastest-growing software-as-a-service providers in the world and has more than two million subscribers across small businesses and accounting firms. We use Xero’s cloud-based accounting platform to manage our clients’ cash flow, tax and VAT returns, expenses and payroll, Making Tax Digital compliance, and more.

Why does this matter to your business? Knowing that cash flow is something many business owners would like to improve, Xero helps to boost cash flow by ensuring invoices get raised – and paid – faster. Plus, Xero provides real-time access to your accounting information, so we (and you) can get an instant picture of how your business is performing.

Built with bank-level security, SmartVault is a super-secure, cloud-based tool for storing and sharing documents. We use SmartVault to collect client files, store them securely and share them safely as and when needed.

The benefit to your business? You can be sure that your personal information – and your business – isn’t at risk.

This is our go-to tool for capturing electronic signatures. These days, electronic signatures are commonly used, and thanks to E-Sign’s technology they’re also verifiable and secure.

Why should you care about e-signatures? You can say goodbye to printing out documents and posting (or scanning) them back – it can all be done via an e-signature. This saves your business time, money and effort. And it’s much better for the environment.

Dext Prepare
Dext Prepare (formerly Receipt Bank) is an easy way to capture receipts, invoices, bills and bank statements – and then transfer that data to connected accounting software. In other words, our clients can simply upload a photo of a receipt, or an email invoice, etc. and the software automatically extracts the relevant information and feeds it into Xero.

How does this benefit you? It eliminates boring manual data entry, making it quick and easy to share your receipts and bills with us.

These are just a few of our favourite tools, but we hope we’ve convinced you of the value technology adds to our accounting service. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of working with a tech-savvy accounting firm, drop Jupp Castle a line.

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