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Take control of your finances in 2020

We all know that financial worries can be a huge strain – in fact, money is consistently ranked as one of the top causes of stress in the UK. So if you find yourself lying awake thinking about money worries, you’re certainly not alone. But what can you do about it? How can you take control of your finances (whether business or personal) and create a better financial future?

Now is the perfect time to take action
Of course, now is always the perfect time to tackle something that’s worrying you! But there’s something particularly satisfying about taking that first step in January – just as you’re looking at a fresh, new calendar on the wall and thinking about all the things you want to achieve this year, personally or in your business.

Perhaps financial worries are stopping you from striving for the things you really want? If that’s the case, being in charge of your money will give you a strong foundation from which to work towards your goals. Plus, from a practical point of view, you’ll be much better equipped to cope with those unforeseen expenses that may crop up in 2020. (Because, let’s be honest, many of us don’t have the financial safety net to cope with unexpected expenses.)

So what’s the first step?
Consider reaching out to an accountant for help. You might think accountants are just there to handle bookkeeping and tax returns, but a good accountant will do so much more. A good accountant will work with you to understand your goals, help get your finances in shape (including things like cash flow planning), and prepare for a better, less stressful financial future. Importantly, a good accountant is there to advise, not to judge. That means they’ll never make you feel stupid, or criticise your financial decisions.

If you’ve had enough of worrying about money, Jupp Castle’s team of chartered certified accountants is here to help. First off, we’ll arrange a free chat to discuss your business or personal finances and get to know your goals. After that, we’ll work with you every step of the way to create a future with less financial stress (and hopefully a lot more sleep). Getting started is easy – simply drop us a line to arrange your free chat.

At Jupp Castle, we offer accountancy, taxation and financial advisory services to a wide range of businesses and individuals. Our services cover everything from payroll to pension investments, personal tax returns to Charity Commission filing.

We pride ourselves in offering a personalised, friendly service that takes the jargon out of accountancy.
Whatever financial or accountancy service you are looking for, Jupp Castle has the right expertise for you.

All our accountants are professionally accredited with many years experience across a wide range of businesses and individuals.If you’d like to discuss any of your accountancy or financial needs, please give us a call on 01252 84868 or contact us through the online form.

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