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How we use technology to supercharge our accounting services

Gone are the days of spreadsheets, manual data entry and piles of paperwork. Today’s leading accountancy firms are packing enough technology to make a Silicon Valley startup envious!

Investing for our future, and yours
Here at Jupp Castle, we count ourselves among this tech-savvy bunch. Over the years, we’ve consistently invested in new technology solutions and IT systems that streamline our accounting service. These include things like Xero, SmartVault, E-Sign and Dext Prepare (formerly Receipt Bank), to name just a few.

But while we recognise the value of technology and are prepared to invest in new solutions, that’s not necessarily the norm across other accounting firms who serve small and mid-sized businesses. In other words, we believe these tools put us head and shoulders above our nearest competitors – many of whom are still reliant on outdated systems and labour-intensive processes.

Direct benefits for the businesses we serve
What you probably want to know is, ‘What’s all this got to do with me and my business?’ The short answer is, our technology-forward approach will make your life easier. Take Dext Prepare as an example; this tool lets our clients snap a quick picture of receipts, bank statements and bills, then the tool ‘reads’ the information in the image and transfers it to our accounting system. There’s no need to manually input expenses and costs – the system takes care of it.

Tools like this obviously save our clients huge amounts of time, but they also allow us to provide the most efficient service possible – all while keeping fees down. This is partly why we’re able to provide affordable flat-rate packages, while other accountants are still charging by the hour.

It’s important to us that all of these systems are extremely easy to use and integrate seamlessly into our clients’ workflows, with no complicated instructions to learn. The idea is to save people time and money, not pile more work on business owners – and every solution we use has been carefully selected with this in mind.

Plus, even more importantly, using these efficient tools means we can devote more time to helping our clients build better, stronger businesses. In other words, we can focus on value-adding activities like exit planning, profit improvement and growth planning. As a small business ourselves, we know that these are the activities that really matter to business owners.

Get the tech-savvy accounting service you deserve
As accountants, we’re always thinking about how to make our clients’ lives easier. Technology plays a big role in this. So if you’d like to work with a forward-thinking accountancy firm who puts the needs of small business owners first, chat to Jupp Castle. Our award-winning team is ready to help.

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