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5 reasons to spend more time with your accountant

Too many business owners aren’t spending enough time with their accountant. And too many accountants aren’t checking in with their clients as regularly as they should. The annual phone call or meeting simply isn’t enough. Ideally, you’d be talking to your accountant once a month, or at least quarterly.

Here are five reasons to put your accountant on speed dial.

  1. You want to make sure they’re the right fit for you
    If you only speak to your accountant once a year, how do you know they’re the right person for the job? (Spoiler: if they’re only in touch once a year, they’re probably not the right person.) The right accountant for you is someone who shares your passion for your business, is curious about your future plans, and wants to see your business succeed.
  2. You can be more proactive in your business
    Is there a regulatory change on the cards that may affect your business? Do you have a hefty business expense coming up next year that you need to budget for? Do you have ambitious plans for growth and want to plan your resources accordingly? These are all things your accountant can advise you on. But they can only do that if they know your business inside out.
  3. Your accountant can help you achieve your goals
    Here at Jupp Castle, we firmly believe our role extends beyond ‘doing the books’. This is what you should expect of any experienced accountant. They should be able to help you think strategically about your business, build a robust business plan and achieve your goals.
  4. And they can suggest ways to improve your business
    Want to use your resources more effectively? Cut costs? Improve cash flow? Get your clients to pay you on time? Grow your business? Expand your network? Make your business more attractive and saleable? However you want to improve your business, a good accountant will have plenty of practical suggestions.
  5. Your accountant is a valuable business resource – use them
    Remember, your accountant is a business too. They know what it takes to run a successful company, balance the demands of being a business owner, and plan for the future. Treat them like the trusted business adviser they are.

Bottom line, a good accountant is someone you can call on year-round for advice. Does that sound like your accountant? If not, drop Jupp Castle a line. Our proactive, supportive approach includes regular meetings and unlimited contact by phone and email.

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